BENNY© is a multimedia project dedicated to facilitating human connection through culture and art, expressing and exploring ideas through a unique, eclectic lens.

We aim to find, share and create beauty in the world around us, invoking childlike feelings of wonder and excitement at the prospect of what our world can become.

We want you to dream again. To dare to imagine a better world and be bold enough to make it true. To explore, experiment, experience and express your ideas, in endless creativity.

BENNY© is a community for the dreamers, philosophers, creatives and everything in between. This is more than product, it’s about the intangible things that bring us together. A shared vision of what the world could be. A desire for connection and camaraderie. An embrace of our differences, simply doing whatever works for us.

Our vision is simple: make your world beautiful.
Ad Meliora: towards better things.